Toscana Pet Friendy is a project born out of collaboration of five tourism industry professionals (Hotel Palazzo dal Borgo of Zucconi Riccardo; Hotel Panorama of Patrizia Seravalli; Resort La Melosa of Gemma Solari; Hotel Le Due Fontane of Simone Ugolini; DIVINO Tour Operator of Patrizia Parretti) who are very passionate about animals. Toscana Pet Friendly main aim is to dedicate a special place to all animals’ lovers where they can find unforgettable holiday suggestions, ad-hoc plans and offers to spend an amazing time in Tuscany with their dogs.



Along the path we have also found other friends who decided to join us, bringing professionalism and passion to the project: Marta Bottali and Federico Zanoni – from the Association ” Il segno di Fido ” – who are the coordinators of all canine activities within Toscana Pet Friendly; Francesca Ambrosini – veterinarian and dog behaviorist- who is responsible for trainings within the project; John Brajon – veterinarian and director of the “Istituto di Zooprofilassi” of Tuscany – who is the scientific director of the project; Lucia Varra – head of univeristy research (from the University of Florence)-, who is the scientific coordinator of the project. Toscana Pet Friendly is the place where our love for animals takes shape, for this reason, beyond holidays suggestions and offers, we will share advices, researches and in-depth news.